Q. Can I inspect the cattery before I book?

A. Yes! You are very welcome to inspect our boutique cattery at a mutually convenient time.

Q. What vaccination is required for boarding?

A. The F3 vaccination must be current during your cat’s stay. Proof of vaccination must be sighted upon arrival. (Ideally your cat should be vaccinated at least two weeks prior to arrival).

Q. What happens if my cat becomes unwell during its stay?

A. Your cat will be taken to your veterinary practice if it exhibits symptoms of being unwell. Litter trays, appetite, and behaviour are regularly monitored, and you will be contacted, or your alternative emergency contact will be rung.

Q. Do I have to bring food?

A. No, we provide a wide variety of cat food, unless your kitty is on a special diet, e.g. “Science Diet” etc., which the owner provides. If you prefer to bring your own food that is all right also.

Q. Is bedding provided?

A. Yes, all our guests have plush bedding, blankets and access to scratching poles. If you would like to bring along some bedding and a familiar item of clothing that is fine. A familiar item from home helps with the cat’s transition in the initial hours.

Q. Do you allow cats to mix?

A. No. All our guests have secure, individual indoor and outdoor areas. The only cats allowed to mingle are those that belong to one family.

Q. What setup do you have for cats to move between their indoor and outdoor areas?

A. Each area is accessed via a small hatch that connects the two rooms and can be closed during inclement weather. The outdoor areas each have a cat tree, a section of carpet and a ramp that can also double as a scratching pole.

Q. What is the youngest age for boarding our cat?

A. The kitten must be at least 3 months of age.

Q. Do I need to flea and worm my cat prior to boarding?

A. Yes. It is recommended that you do so and ideally a week before boarding. If fleas are found, we will treat the infestation at additional cost to the owner.

Q. What happens if I need to pick up my cat earlier than expected?

A. In that case the cost of the unused days will be credited to your cat’s next stay with us.

Q. Do you interact with the cats?

A. Certainly! We give chin massages, cuddles and brush those cats who are amenable to such interactions. We talk to them and spend time with them. All part of our normal service to make them feel secure and loved.

Q. Is your facility temperature controlled?

A. Each wing of the cattery has a reverse cycle air conditioning unit to control summer and winter temperatures as required.

Q. Do I have to pay on arrival?

A. Yes, we operate like any other business in that regard. Being a small concern, we do not have credit card facilities so please bring the correct cash amount. For longer stays you can make a direct deposit to our bank account prior to arrival.

Q. Do you charge a surcharge for public holiday periods?

A. No. However, during peak periods such as Easter, Christmas, and school holidays we do require a $50.00 non-refundable deposit at the time you make the booking, to secure your cat’s accommodation.

Q. Do you charge extra for administering medication, or looking after senior cats?

A. No we don’t! However, we ask you to consider the appropriateness of boarding your cat with us if it has a serious medical condition or is very advanced in years. The welfare of the cats in our charge is our primary concern and responsibility.

Q. Are the rooms well lit?

A. Each suite has an elevated platform with a North facing window overlooking the outside area and the fields beyond, allowing your cat to observe the visiting bird life and farm animals, whilst sunbaking on their window ledges.

Q. Is music played for the cats’ enjoyment?

A. Yes, a selection of easy listening or light classical music provides a backdrop during the day.

Q. Can we see pictures of our cats during their stay?

A. Yes, regular updates of all our guests are posted on our Facebook page or photos sent privately. This ensures peace of mind, knowing that Kitty is loved and relaxing in their “home away from home”.